Donate to the Valley River Humane Society - Marble, NC

Donate and Help Our Animals

It takes a village to give our shelter pets the care they deserve, for as long as they are with us here at Valley River Humane Society.

Your donations help us to keep the doors to our shelter open. But they also allow us to improve our operations.  These include expanding our ability to provide on-site veterinary medical care; spaying and neutering procedures; socialization and training so our pets become more easily adoptable. 

Please consider becoming a monthly donor.  The cost of a monthly donation can be as low as 50 cents per day.  And it can make a life-changing difference to an animal in need. 


Champion Level : $25.00

At this level, your monthly donation can help defray the cost of pet food

Premier Level : $50.00

At this level, a monthly donation can save the life of a dog in need of emergency surgery and post-surgical care

Grand Champion Level: $250.00

A monthly donation can allow the shelter to purchase critical equipment like commercial-grade washers, dryers and kennel pens

Grand Premier Level: $500.00

Any monthly donation larger than $500 literally helps to keep the lights on, heating in the winter, air-conditioning during the summer and overall maintenance of our shelter. 

$2.00 Tuesdays

Even a monthly donation of $2.00 can buy our animals food, help keep us funded and our mission on track!

Don't want to choose a level?

We certainly appreciate any donation of any amount and frequency. Decide on your own terms…

And, there are other ways to help...

We are lucky to have access to online donations of Kuranda ShelterBeds. These beds are made especially for a shelter environment, allowing our pets to stay off kennel floors while giving them a safe, secure spot to curl up and get better sleep. Please consider…

Now, it's Easier To Give Back

Chewy shares your passion for pets. You can help Chewy make an even greater impact by donating items to the Valley River Humane Society through our Wish List. Ready to bring love home? Search below for your new family member today.

*VRHS is a non-profit organization under section 501(C) (3), your DONATIONS can be tax-deductible.